What Counts is a New Creation


Leave your old self behind and start living in the new you. Step out of the carapace of your religious life and start living as s son of God with Jesus as your life.


Jesus is your resurrection and your life. In Jesus the tree that brought death is undone and Jesus and His cross becomes your tree of life.
The old creation in Adam died on Friday. The new creation in Jesus rose on Sunday morning.

Contrary to what some may think, being born again is not exchanging bad deeds for good ones, a secular life for a religious one or a liberal outlook for one of conservatism. It means you become a participant in
the new creation that began when Jesus emerged from the tomb on Sunday morning.

The old creation in Adam was doomed when Adam believed a lie. The new creation came about because the Second Adam trusted in His Father and made Him His life. You have His life when you agree and believe that Jesus is your life.

The new creation dawned when Jesus was born. It gathered momentum as Jesus grew up and was demonstrated by His life. It was guaranteed by His death and was declared by His resurrection. When Jesus breathed on His disciples before ascending it was a symbolic act. This was a re-breathing of the Spirit of God into humans that was first seen when Father breathed His spirit-life into Adam at the first creation. Jesus was breathing the new creation into His disciples on behalf of the Father.

At Pentecost the ascended Christ came in the Spirit to the gathered Believers and all who take the name of Jesus. The Jesus who reigned beside the Father in heaven would reign in His people on earth. He would be their life. Joined to the Father they would live in the spirit of sonship to be sons and multiply what Jesus had begun. This includes His miracles which are a sign of the reality of His new creation life. But not only His miracles. Our life is the life that is His, the life that John said was 'life in itself,' the life who
sustains all that is by His powerful word. This why times, days and rites are meaningless. What counts is His new creation life as your life.

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. His Son is our life and He lives in us to form us in His image. It is Christ's life in and through us that becomes His Kingdom in the world. This is His new creation life in you and as you.'


'Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation' Galatians 6.15.